Visual story telling/creating a miracle

Some claim that you can raise your organisation’s profile by building a visual story with some emotional punch to it.

They say that visual stories work because they grab your attention (especially if the story’s original, simple and shows the impact on one person’s life); and engage you (by getting you emotionally involved in their cause).

The visual story technique was used by a team of students from Centre for Social Innovation at the Stanford Graduate School of Business to promote Embrace, a sustainable social enterprise that helps save small babies from hypothermia by giving them high-spec, portable sleeping blankets. Or as the visual story puts it: “Created a miracle to keep small babies warm.”

I’d be glad to know if the video of Ananya’s story engages you; and why it did or didn’t?

One thought on “Visual story telling/creating a miracle

  1. I found this interesting. Normally I think the use of personal stories is a very powerful tool for charities – for example, I find the recent Barnardos advert very engaging. But something about the video in the link didn’t hit the mark. Maybe the music was too overpowering, maybe the way the story was told was too staged, maybe information was presented in the wrong order, I’m not sure.

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