Social Policy Insight/3: Making a good first impression

Communicating policy ideas simply to people is part of a public affair professional’s everyday business. Let’s imagine – for instance – that you’ve got a meeting with your local MP next week; and you want to “sell” them one of your ideas.

What kinds of questions would you be asking yourself to help you prepare? Here’s three that have always helped me:


  • What practical, innovative project have you got to showcase?
  • How do you know it works – impacting positively on people and the public purse?
  • What attention-grabbing stories have you got to illustrate your case?

Finally, a public affairs secret: MPs are always keen to hear about new, money-saving ideas that independent research shows works.

Keen to know whether this is helpful to you, so please do leave a comment; or you can follow me on twitter @businesses4good.

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