Oh let me in: social media and policy development

Painting by Bella Opacic

Lively discussion at recent Hansard Society event (11.09.12) around whether social media could be effectively used to develop public policy. General feel was yes – but be careful. A distinguished panel shared some of their thoughts:

  • One fit doesn’t fit all: think about both the audience you want to reach and the output you want (Nick Jones).
  • Twitter has huge potential as a policy making tool. A simple thing you can do is set up issues and link to information so people have time to think (Deborah Mattinson).
  • You can easily source, promote and communicate with twitter. But you need to learn to talk in that space. There’s lots of social media fora that can help (Rory Cellan-Jones).
  • Trust is key. People will disconnect as soon as trust is abused (Nick Pickles).
  • Twitter gives us an emotional connection as human beings (Kevin Brennan MP).

What’s your hunch? Is social media going to help us develop public policy in the future or is it puff? Please do leave a comment and follow me on twitter @businesses4good.



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